I keep having people ask me why I’d do my project in Node. Thankfully I tell them it hasn’t officially been done in node or anything for that matter.  I’ve been doing some testing with NodeJS and Python, and it’s really hard to pick one of these.  I don’t know how well a non-blocking language will do for an ERP/core system like I want to create.  I feel that it may actually make my life harder by not blocking what people are doing.  I’ve also been told that MySQL/MariaSQL will be good choices instead of MongoDB.  I’d like to do something that is a little bit of both databases, but don’t know how well that will do.

Now some pros and cons, Python3 has more of a job market at this point, even though JavaScript is still big.  I feel JavaScript jobs that I find are mainly front end and not server side.  Python is nice because it’s pure object oriented, but I really haven’t learned any of it, and really trying to figure out where to learn it.  JavaScript I have an easy time learning due to places like Free Code Camp.

Mainly need to figure out what will be a good language for creating a portal style web application that allows me to make a plug-in system.  So at this point it’s between Python( my work will most likely be using, and jobs are out there) and JavaScript ( new thing, yet have mixed feelings around performance in the end).  I know there plenty others out there, like GoLang (Not a huge fan of the syntax/project setup), Java (feels like is slowly dying for the mainstream), C# ( don’t mind syntax, but don’t like that it’s Microsoft), and even PHP ( not huge fan of syntax, but know a huge market, yet have WordPress to compete against).

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein

Well now…

So now that school is officially done, at least for the next month, it will be some programming time.  I’ve been trying to learn passport and also debating if MongoDB or MySQL will work the best for this project.  I’d like to be able to have something that either is able to be used, but that’s a little bit beyond my initial knowledge.  It is more like one of those, nice to have features, but not needed to be there initially.  I’d write some more tonight, but it’s been a long busy weekend with Easter that I need some rest for work.  Hopefully find out this week what my work wants to do for our next project.

One last thought, one of the streamers I watch has an CRM system, but it does so much more, all in Free Pascal.  He recently got hacked and had some huge issues with tons of data being deleted, not because of his system, but because they got into his MySQL.  So a big portion of what I’d like to focus on is being as secure as possible, I’ve always wanted to work on security for programming, but that is another long term goal.