Took some time…

So decided to take some time tonight and get my VM set up with Ubuntu MATE 15.10.  Was able to get NodeJS, MongoDB, and Atom installed and setup ready to go.  Next step will be getting more of the project organized with some more mind mapping based on some of my latest ideas.

Now to make sure I got a backup of this VM, in case I mess too much with it.  I feel like I’m slowly getting farther in the process that I want to do.  Step by Step, take time to focus instead of jumping into it all at once.  I’ve also started to look at to be able to start to do some UML.  I feel like I want to focus a lot on documentation.  This seems to always be a sore spot for many programs and programmers and would like to make sure I have really good documents to use.  Oh well it’s getting late, time to rest for another day.

Changes today

Well today is becoming an interesting day.  I get to switch my ISP from Time Warner to ATT.  I know neither are really that great but I am paying 20 less for the exact same speeds.  I have also been thinking of how what to do for my operating system.  I enjoy Linux but lately have been having some weird issues.  I don’t know if it’s part of the dual boot or if it’s just one of those weird quirks.

I am thinking of deleting all of Windows from my system and only using Linux, now which Linux, I still don’t know.  There is a good chance that I might use Antergos Linux .  If I don’t use that I might try and use just plan Debian.  Or just will say screw it and clean up my Ubuntu install and go from there.  So many choices I don’t know exactly what will be the best.  I kind of wish I had a mac for my desktop that I could hook up to the dual 24 inch displays that I have.  I had a Macbook pro, but the power of it is semi under whelming lately.  I may do another post later today, need to get my life organized.  Suggestions to help that process are needed.

We all enjoy some Java…

Well here we go, the beginning of getting back into Java.  A fellow programmer at work has explained to me a couple build and release features that he has done.  Included in this is Gradle.  I will be using Gradle to try and program the TDD way with the use of the Spoch Framework.

This is a process I have never really done so will be a challenge, but be very helpful for my future career.  The first couple things I will be making with this process is a file handler, database handler(wanting to communicate with multiple types of databases), and a basic rest framework.  Not much more details than that have been thought of, but will start to organize my project soon.

And in other news, I have officially be using my desktop with Ubuntu MATE for a couple weeks, and haven’t had to go back to Windows.

Busy Busy Busy

Well I have become a little busier than I would have liked lately.  I’ve been looking more at Java again and realized why  I used to enjoy it as much as I did.  I enjoy many aspects of it including the syntax, the testing, and having the JVM.

So for the project I will be trying my best to make this be a project that I strictly do as TDD.  This will be hard for me to do seeing I have never really done this and know it is a great way to program.  I am looking forward to the challenge and being able to make my own libraries that do certain things, like file handling, database queries, JSON reading, and other features like that.  I know that there are plenty of other libraries out there that I can use, but think it will get me great experience that I have needed to focus on.

Well I hope to get back to posting more again to keep track of different ways that I am going to organize myself and keep track of what I am working on.


Update/Edit:  Almost forgot to add, my desktop I am officially using Ubuntu Mate at this point and think it might be a final OS that is on here.  For now I am keeping Windows installed, yet haven’t booted into it in the last few days.  I figure the best way to make myself learn more and figure out how to do more in Linux is to force it to be my everyday computer.

Setting up my development environment

So to start, I’m a huge fan of using a virtual machine for a lot of development.  Yeah it is great to have the ability to just install onto the main hardware, but sometimes you want to be able to just spin up a quick environment.  For this I am going to be using Debian 8.1 Jessie along with VMWare Workstation.

First thing that will need to be installed under root is sudo using the following command under root or su:

  1. apt-get install sudo

Make sure to then add in your username into /etc/sudoers with the following line:

  1. user ALL=(ALL) ALL

With this being VMWare Workstation, the first thing I do after installing is get the vmware-tools installed.  For me this typically has been installing a few things include:

  1. sudo apt-get install build-essential
  2. sudo apt-cache search linux-headers
  3. sudo apt-get install linux-headers-X.XX.0-4-all where X.XX is your kernel

Once these are installed you can now untar the vmware tools utility that can be installed with vmware. Next I run:

  1. sudo perl

This then will ask a bunch of questions, I typically let the default stay for all of them.  Then reboot the system.  This should allow for full screen, I always delete the old folders and the tar, can always get it back if needed.

Next major step is getting NodeJS installed.  I am one that has started to enjoy compiling it each time, which I know isn’t really needed but is really easy.  To start this process, download the latest source from NodeJS Website.  The following is then done:

  1. sudo tar-xvf node-vX.X.X.tar.gz (X.X.X is verison of Node, as of this writing, 5.5.0)
  2. sudo cd node-vX.X.X
  3. sudo ./configure
  4. sudo make -jX (where X is number of threads wanting to use to compile, I am using four)
  5. sudo make install
  6. node -v (just to verify it is set up correctly)

This is just an initial getting set up.  Now it is time for extras, including editors and customizing it.  Now I end up installing git with a simple sudo apt-get install git. I go right to and get the .deb to install.  Some errors may occur, just apt-get what is needed.  This is at least the basic start of my Development environment.  There maybe a part two tomorrow of what else I set up and get going.