Been a bit…

Well I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and trying to figure out what will be the language used and how it will be used for my project that I want to do. So in the end I think I have decided to use both.  For routing and API level I figure nodejs/Javascript will work great.  For data crunching in the background, run some Python scripts.  Front end for sure will be HTML5/JavaScript/CSS.  I really want to get back to making the layout and starting to piece together the initial layout before I get farther on coding.  My problem is, I’m not the best designer of a website.

I know I can use bootstrap but honestly I’d rather have one built from scratch, yes it’s more work but it lets me learn.  I am one that would rather create something from scratch, yes I know others have made things better and find bugs, however I like to see how things run.

On a clearly other area, seeing .net core being released for multi platform brings up using C# seeing it will be more and more used.  We will see, at this point back to doing some freecodecamp to get myself trained a bit better and try to actually focus on it.  I want to be able to make all the documents involved making a software project.  One of my next classes is Software Engineering which goes into Agile and other software development methods.

Beyond the rant…

So even though the last post was a rant on NPM, I do enjoy it.  It’s part of why I come back to NodeJS and JavaScript.  In general there are a few reasons why I keep coming back to NodeJS and JavaScript, the tools that are out there.  Between Gulp, NPM, Mocha, and many others, building a project takes time but offers the ability to easily test, do tasks, and distribute a project.

While I haven’t fully gotten into details of all the ways to use Gulp and Mocha, I know that they are going to be heavily used in my project.  Along with that Atom offers some really useful extensions for JavaScript and Node.  Now to do some more freecodecamp, slowly getting more done on there.

Took some time…

Well I finally got myself back to doing some Free Code Camp (FCC).  Really forgot how much I enjoyed doing it.  Went straight to the Basic Algorithm Scripting.  Main reason I did that is because of what I’ve already done with programming and “design” and really wanted to get into the meat of JavaScript.  This has made my decision totally clear that I am going to do the back-end in JavaScript along with using a lot of JavaScript/HTML5 on the front end.  Did about half of the basic algorithm tonight, got to Truncate a String and figured I should get some rest.  Maybe tomorrow after some homework will go back at it.


So I have got myself back into doing the FCC and totally enjoying it.  Right now I’m at 233 done.  I started when there wasn’t the projects in the middle so as of now I’ll go back in a bit to work on them.  Been working on the Basic JavaScript section right now. Can tell I have done enough JavaScript because these seem kind of easy right now.

Oh well not much else going on.  Hope tomorrow can work more on them.