Back to the basics

After a very busy last couple a months, between the end of schooling, having a new child in my life, and just other aspects of work and what not, I have returned.  I may end up redoing this full site due to more of a rebranding/reimagining, of what I want this to be and in the end will be something maybe self hosted.  Along with that, I have gone back to what I originally had decided, full stack JavaScript.  With the JavaScript I have done lately and learning more about many things, it has peaked my interest that much more and I totally enjoy it.  I feel it is a great idea for a Web Application due to how it is as a web language.  I feel, while a great language, that Python is something that I will keep in my belt but don’t feel it will fit my future plans.  So I will begin working on the initial layout again and getting myself back organized and into the mix of things.  It feels good to get back into doing something productive other than things at work.  I may make a longer post tomorrow, but it is getting late and tomorrow is another day.


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