The fork in the road…

While I know the beginning I should be focused on most of my design aspects more than the rest of my project, I have come to something in the design that I am still a bit worried on my choices. I am working on my initial design and requirements and some user stories to begin with.
To begin, I have totally made my choice on my front end, this will be Angular 2, or whatever they want to call it now. This will involve a bit of work seeing they are using Typescript now which I don’t fully know, but do know JavaScript.
Next comes the database, this will be a SQL based database. While I do enjoy Mongo, I don’t know how much I’d like it for what I want to do. Along with this I am comfortable with SQL way of doing things.
So my biggest issue comes into play of choice for back-end. This will be between using something like Flask/WSGI and Python, ExpressJS and Typescript, or PHP and maybe Laravel(?).
A few things are part of what I want are easy to program, easy to maintain, and easy to deploy. While I know these should be always something on everyone’s mind when they work with a major project, I want it do be something that is great for a small business and the easier to maintain and program, allows for dependability, expandability, and cost effective for many small businesses and home use.  And also something that allows for smooth interaction for the customer that will be using it.

Now if only more people read these posts.



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