I’ve gone back to the dark side…

While I super enjoy Linux, Ubuntu and all things related to it, I have gone back to Windows.  A few reasons include, many of the programs I’ve spent a lot of money on don’t run in Linux and I have gotten used to using them, yes I know their are alternatives on Linux, but when you get used to something I’d rather not have one more thing I need to learn in the process at this point.  Along with this, I still want to play some of the games I know won’t run, even with Wine sadly.

Not that I won’t be using Linux, my web application will fully be setup for Linux/Ubuntu/CentOS.  I will mainly be using a VM for most of that work now.  In the end I’d love to have a Mac that can do dual display and use that as my primary, but still would have some game issues.  I spent half a month working with Linux as my primary and I do enjoy it a lot.


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