In need of help to decide….

Well I am looking and doing a lot of reading on python I really have been liking many of the things it comes with and can use. I really wish the NodeJS world would start to be a bit more organized and slow down and focus itself. Out of the two languages, JavaScript and Python, I shockingly like JavaScript more. I know it seems weird seeing most hate the language, but many features of it I really enjoy. I may end up doing a hybrid of python and JavaScript for the web application, I don’t know .

I wish I had time to just sit and focus and do some pros and cons of each language for web applications and use for plugins and what not. Now the question really should be, what is the easiest to deploy, and what is most likely to be able to be easily to get a job and be the most helpful. Sure I know technically PHP would be one of the best seeing it is so widely used, but truly no matter how many times I try I just don’t know where to begin.

In general I don’t know what to pick, to pick something that maybe helpful or something I truly enjoy coding in.  Seeing what people have done with NodeJS is always interesting and I know JavaScript is everywhere and will always have a need, while Python just seems to be there and has taken over the DevOps area.  It is why I’m thinking use NodeJS for a big portion and then for misc scripts in the background use Python.

In other news, I’ve been running just Linux for the past 6 days and have been really enjoying it, but there are still times I miss using Windows, which I thought I’d never say.  Some Windows utilities I just enjoy more….


2 thoughts on “In need of help to decide….”

  1. both languages are capable– until you can find someone not biased (if it was up to me, id just say use python) just code in the way that lets *you* get the most work done in a day, and if you need to make it hybrid then you will at some point.

    post your gnu/linux questions in a blog if you have some. i know what its like to want old windows apps… sometimes if i have to use windows for some reason (not so much at home, somewhere else) then i might think i dont hate windows for an hour. pretty soon though im sick of the bs and ready to avoid it for another year. you may find its the same way. waiting for updates does it for me, every time.

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    1. Will let you know if anything comes to mind. That is a good way of looking at it by what will get the most work done in a day. Which by that way I feel JavaScript just because I know it, I barely know anything with Python and it been a slight learning curve because I am so used to many other languages. Keep adding in { } and forgetting tabs when need them at times, or in the wrong space.

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