Trying to understand some things…

So recently on Hacker News there were two separate articles that go into having millions of requests per second.  Honestly how many people really need something that is made for millions of requests per second, sounds overkill to me.  I didn’t totally have time to look at the articles and the githubs to see if these are even something that is easy to use or something that really isn’t the greatest.  The following are what was on hacker news:

  1. A million requests per second with Python
  2. (More than) one million requests per second in Node.js

This is kind of interesting when you get to higher end projects, but right now this project I’m doing for small businesses seems like it would be overkill.  The only reason I could see this being helpful is to have a very quick responding web application.  May have to do a bit of research to see if Japronto maybe worth it.


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