A new beginning.

I am beginning to do a few new processes in my life.  These hopefully will be better for my life and my future.

First off, I will be working on more of the design and requirements of Eden before I get farther into coding.  While I want to get into coding, I feel I need to better understand the ideas that keep going in my head before I jump into anything.  This will be still most likely focused on JavaScript and Node.  Many feel that it isn’t good for big projects but I want to prove it can be.

Next thing I have done is delete Facebook off of my phone.  I have found it to be too much of a distraction and caused me to not focus on what needs to get done at that time.  Along with how politics are now, it feels like that is all that Facebook has become and really just don’t want that in my life.

Lastly, I have done something that I have been meaning to do for a long time.  I am using Ubuntu 16.10 as my primary OS at home.  This is big seeing I’m still taking two classes so I am going to be forced to use LibreOffice and figure out ways to play games, if I end up even doing that.  Right now I am trying to focus on finishing school and working on my project, Eden.


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