Some redoing and reorganizing

So a bunch of stuff has been going on in life.  Between having a newborn, going to school, and trying to deal with a brand new job doing coding for a company, life has been hectic.  I think that I will be slightly changing my site here and doing some more talk about how things are going with my current life along with my slow process of learning typescript.

Right now my biggest problem has been trying to figure everything out on typescript and doing the transpiling and what not that is needed to run a server.  I am beginning to start with the initial login system using express, redis, and passport to make an effective.  I’d like to still get my site to be a full install of wordpress that I can actually modify it as I see and have some plug-ins that I can start to fully begin a process of having a website that is for a personal business.  Well I’m falling asleep a bit so time to get some rest.