To train the elePHPant

So to begin, I’ve currently been doing a quite a bit of Perl, python and come from a Java background.  These factors actually play a little into why PHP also interests me.  From what I’ve done with PHP and what I’ve read, PHP was really influenced by Perl and Java, which does seem very fitting due to some of the syntax being similar to Perl and Java combined.

While some would find this a bad thing, the more I’ve thought about it, I kinda like it.  To begin some of my personal training, I’m beginning with reading PHP The Right Way.  This gives a good base of what I want to do and reminds me a lot of the PEPs from Python.

Next week will be the week I’ll hope to get a little time to look at this, between time between classes, and being off of work for a week, I should have some time.  This time will be used to take care of my newborn daughter, and my son who is getting surgery, but should have some extra time.

The other thing I need to set up is a LAMP server.  I am debating on having this be something that I can access anywhere, but be a personal server.  I know these are super simple to setup and want to make sure it is nice and secure.  That is what I want to focus on, a secure back-end to give businesses confidence to use the software application.  Well that is all for now.

The Elephant in the room.

So no matter what I do I cannot figure what programming language I should do for this.  I want to be able to use something that is really good for web applications.  I’ve been reading what seems to be so many articles and blog posts that I have lost my mind.  While Python is a great all around language, NodeJS /JS is great for bots, chat and any real time programs, and then there is still the Elephant, PHP, PHP7 to be exact.

PHP in general seems to be one of the best web languages around.  From companies like Slack, Facebook and many more using PHP as their main language it is hard to not think that it maybe a good idea to learn it, use it, and make the best of a language that many feel is one of the weirder languages, it is semi closely tied to two languages I have dealt a lot with.  The two languages are Java and Perl.  The amount of resources that can be found for PHP is amazing.

Another thing that seems to be misunderstood is ease of installation.  Using PHP means that I can easily install the application onto any web server with a simple LAMP.  Along with ease of installation is performance.  Many say that PHP is not a fast language, but from what I can find  PHP7 is a huge improvement of performance.  From what I have read, based on and many other postings I’ve seen, for a scripting language this is one of the fastest languages you can use.  As you can see, the numbers are way better than PHP5, and quite better than PERL and Python in certain aspects.  Yes I know Python is one of the most popular languages, and has many features that allow for fast development, and maybe cleaner code, but any language can be programmed to be cleanly coded and organized.

Oh well, time to train and ride the elephant.  Until next time.