Took some time…

Well I finally got myself back to doing some Free Code Camp (FCC).  Really forgot how much I enjoyed doing it.  Went straight to the Basic Algorithm Scripting.  Main reason I did that is because of what I’ve already done with programming and “design” and really wanted to get into the meat of JavaScript.  This has made my decision totally clear that I am going to do the back-end in JavaScript along with using a lot of JavaScript/HTML5 on the front end.  Did about half of the basic algorithm tonight, got to Truncate a String and figured I should get some rest.  Maybe tomorrow after some homework will go back at it.

So UI….

I’ve never been the biggest at getting a UI up and running.  I’d like to be able to figure out better design but it’s not my strong area.  I’m going to need to figure out a good login page, and some form of dashboard (which may take from multiple examples online).  Login should be the easy one, might get something up and running for that kind of soon, will be using SASS for this so that will involve some learning.  Once I get to the dashboard, that will be fun, I’ve found one I semi like the look of it, or at least aspects, example.

Back-end development always been more my thing but after seeing some people work with getting a layout up and running it does interest me.  My biggest thing is to make sure it’s responsive design…

Oh well, until tomorrow.

GulpJS and Mocha

So my first task now after my database is semi set up, start learning Gulp and Mocha.  I want to be able to do TDD and 100% coverage (if possible).  I feel this will be a good way to work on a project.  After watching a stream where a guy always does 100% coverage of his projects it has me super interested in the process.  And this will be using SQL based database for the project.  We will see how this goes, so far I am working on a Gulp File to do the initial getting set up.  Once I get that set up I will start doing Mocha/TDD and getting my tests thought about, it hasn’t been easy been so busy with classes.

Python(Flask) vs JavaScript(NodeJS)

So this seems to be a huge debate for many people, and I still really don’t know what would be the best for my back-end.  I feel Python gives me a greater opportunity to learn and to be able to see a new language that I haven’t really messed with but the little I did I enjoyed.  JavaScript is hugely popular, but comes at a price of dealing with Async IO which makes making certain programs weird and complicated.  I enjoy using Gulp.js and NPM for Node, but know that Python has Pip and a huge community of other tools that can be used, just need to research them.  I’m getting closer and closer to the point of starting to program a basic core and feel I need to figure out which language as my next task.  This is as hard as picking it for the program we are doing at my current job.  Oh well, off to work and to research some more python seeing I know a lot about JavaScript already.

DB getting complete…

So the database structure seems to be getting complete for the main initial SQL based database.  This will be the core database that will be used for keeping track of customers, accounts, and basic profiles.  Next step is to get some basic design worked out.  I haven’t fully figured out which language I’d like to use, but the thought of NodeJS keeps coming back.  It’s the community, NPM, and Gulp.JS that keep attracting me to do TDD style development.  Just slowly chipping away the giant block in front of me to get something basically up and running.  One thing I will be doing if I do decide on NodeJS/JavaScript is that I am going to use almost a Python style of programming, with PEP8.  Which I do understand not everything can be  done that way.

In the end, it will probably be a mixture of both JavaScript and Python.  Use some Python scripts in the background and run NodeJS as the main “server”.  It’s all a matter of just messing around and trying things.  If I use NodeJS I am going to do a lot of research on making my own modules, I’d rather have my own parts that I have more control in then using everything that is out there that could just go away at any point, unless it’s something that is known to be the major choice ( I.E. expressJS).  Well back to homework for the time being.

First step

Well homework is always first step, but the first step toward actually getting something programmed….wow finally…. for me has been working on the database.  I’m currently writing from scratch the SQL for creating the database and linking up the tables as need be.  Not an easy task but shockingly I enjoy doing it.  These couple classes are taking way more time than I expected though.  I get some time at work to work on making scripts and learning Python while I have to for the project at work anyways.

Home life has been busy to say the least.  Tearing apart a bedroom, working on homework, doing things around the house, and just trying to relax (wait, that exists) has been more tiring than I could have imaged.  Lately homework has been getting done at about 10 at night once the wife goes to bed.  It is making for long restless nights due to stress.  Oh well hope it changes soon.  With summer right around the corner time is going to be even shorter with taking care of my son and getting as much done around the house before the next child enters the world.  Oh well, I think I’m ready for bed when I start to nod off at the keyboard….

School life begins again

So classes have started up again so my time has become shorter than it already was.  Hopefully I can keep myself ahead of the curve and get some extra time to work on some coding.  I’ve set up a virtual machine with Atom and Ubuntu 16.04 so I can do some Python work on it.  I know I need to find time now because once new baby comes, my life will be so busy that the thought of coding may just be out the door for some months.  Focusing right now on my homework has even been a task itself lately.