So a recent idea

I’ve been toying around with the recent idea of making a quick prototype of my project.  The first one I will make with Django, and the other will most likely be Mean.IO or MeanJS.  I still don’t know exactly what language I will use, but recently my work is pushing for more Python.  I’ve been doing more of the Python Koans and it actually makes me totally get why it’s a great language for many reasons.  I think I will use Python for the backend and Angular for the front end.  Will be a great way to learn two things that are in demand as of recently.

UPDATE: Weird thought, core in Python but allow the use of JavaScript and Python for the add-ons.  Just a random thought had this morning.

Life, Programming and such

So, life has been way busier than I expected it to be.  With another child on the way, and my next set of classes coming up fast, time hasn’t been all there.  I am still trying to get a whole room together for the new one that should be coming by the end of the year.

I’ve been still doing some debating on what I want to do for this project, and the project at work.  The work one sounds like we might lean toward Python after doing some basic stuff in PHP we weren’t enjoying it and felt that it fits more of the web than doing scripting on a machine.  I keep also debating what database to use.  I really like having a structure to SQL based databases, but the flexibility of just adding things in is nice with NoSQL based (Document based).  I’ve thought about using JavaScript on the back end but with a SQL server as the database.  I’ve also thought about a Python3 back-end with either as the database.  Too many choices.  I may even at some point have two version of the core to see which runs better, one in Python and one in JavaScript (more work but might be worth it in the end to better understand my choice of language).  I’ve been doing some of the Python Koans and many things about them I like, yet the more I’ve used Gulp I find that to be a great tool for programming.

Then there is the other beast that I am trying to think about.  I’d like to have it where you can also have a VM/container setup for this application that is fast and small.  This is where Tiny Core Linux comes into play.  Right now I’ve had to learn a lot of this version of Linux and how it does what it does due to our networked image for testing at work is based on Tiny Core Linux now as a way of band-aiding over the issues we have with old kernels and cores. The ideas are flowing in my brain and just need to have the time to get them worked out.

Life gets in the way sometimes…

Well tonight I got to do a little learning about gulp and what can be used for, at this point, I like it.  Straight to the point and offers the ability to really help with the project.  Next is to learn Mocha with it, or Jasmine, don’t know exactly which is better.  The bulk of the application with be a form of a web server that starts up.

Would have been able to do more but had to make cookies for my son to take to school and also had to get my roof looked at for replacement, the joys of home ownership.  Still was happy to learn a little more tonight.


MISC UPDATE:  I’d like to say thank you to anyone that is reading these posts, I never thought I’d have anyone read anything I’d write.  Especially with my horrible grammar 🙂

Busy life

So I’ve been trying to get into doing more programming but wow my schedule has been, pardon my language, hell.  I’m going to take some time though and for this project, after much self debating, and do it as total testing.  I want to set up a CI system so that I can save my code and automatically test it.

There are a few things that I will probably be learning:

  1. Gulp for testing and running tasks.
  2. Classes in JavaScript (as previously talked about).
  3. Best practices and naming conventions.

There maybe other things I should think about learning but I believe Gulp will be a good way to start this process, and get myself to actually code how I should code.  Now to finally try and find some time, which that has been not as much there as I had hoped originally, oh well so is life.


So I feel that I will not do my personal project with PHP.  I will figure out still how to do it in JavaScript and Node.  For some reason it keeps pulling me back and I like it.  PHP will be good for the work thing and good to learn, but for this I’d like to continue my journey into Node and JavaScript.  Sadly have not been able to program nearly as much as I would like, barely getting to learn right now, it’s a sad state at this point.  I cannot wait to get some more time to focus on doing some programming, either home or work.  Until then time for some rest, was a busy weekend.


So I have begun to do something I thought I wouldn’t do, and that is learn PHP.  I’m actually enjoying it a lot already.  I’m working on making a database interface with a MySQL connection.  Yes I know there plenty of frameworks out there, but I like to make my own and make it be custom for the project I am working on.  So far, totally enjoying PHP.  Hopefully that keeps up.  Atom has some nice PHP plug-ins so that is also helpful seeing I haven’t done a ton yet with it.

It also sounds like the project at work we will begin using PHP to do it for back-end and scripting on the server.  It will be interesting to use it for more than just the back-end and to learn what it can do for actual scripting.  I think in the end this will be an interesting way of allowing a good web interface to also run scripts on the systems that are being tested.

So…A new beginning maybe

So, I have recently been doing some research for work and for personal use about what to do for language of a project.  So we have been debating between a few different languages lately, C#, Python, and PHP.  So the points that have been brought up are wide.

C# is a great language because you can get something that is compiled to an exe or linux program, however the runtime (.net/mono/C#) is kinda bigger than most of the scripting languages.  Monodevelop is ok, however I did find it a bit of a pain to use.  Visual Studio felt light years ahead of MonoDevelop.  C# is also good now because it’s cross platform.

Python, I have a love and hate for this language.  I feel that it is a great language, but it also takes you away from what most languages use, like {} and worrying about blank spaces.  Python is a bit weird, you have two ends, using Flask or using Django.  Flask is nice and basic, but you have the ability to custom it as you need it.  Django I feel gives you too much.

Now PHP, this recently has shocked me.  I haven’t really looked at PHP for the last 10 years or so.  Recently we got PHP7 which I guess has given a huge performance, up to 10 times and even 3 times faster than Python.  PHP seems to also have many features I didn’t even know it had, it feels almost Java like, yet offers the ability to easily quick edit without compiling.  It also allows the ability to do OOP or not, or both for one project.  Namespaces are also a great feature that they have now also.  There a few other things that seemed to be nice, however I don’t remember them all.

No one seems to be bringing up using NodeJS.  I kind of feel like NodeJS is nice for quick things, but I just don’t know if using nonblocking is nice for server side for what I want to do and what my work wants to do.  And NPM seems to be kind of a mess, no namespace or anything to prevent issues.

Database wise, we are looking at using MongoDB, and that’s what I would use for my project also so that makes me happy.  I like MySQL/SQL based systems but I just think that MongoDB is nice to use for easy changing of the documents.

We will see what happens.  Recently I seem to be leaning to PHP.  I’ve even begun thinking PHP7 for my project.