So I have got myself back into doing the FCC and totally enjoying it.  Right now I’m at 233 done.  I started when there wasn’t the projects in the middle so as of now I’ll go back in a bit to work on them.  Been working on the Basic JavaScript section right now. Can tell I have done enough JavaScript because these seem kind of easy right now.

Oh well not much else going on.  Hope tomorrow can work more on them.

Well, my pick for now.

So for now I am going to focus on JavaScript, the main reason for that is FreeCodeCamp.  This has become a goal of mine for the past 6 months and kept delaying it but know it will do good.  Along with this is the ability to learn new things I may not know with JavaScript, get to do projects for Non-Profits, and be able to become part of a community that will be helpful for my future career.  I do feel that doing this will be good for me and my life.  I think doing this project in JavaScript will be a fun, yet challenging experience which will give me a good way of figuring out ways to optimize and to work around the nonblocking IO that is with JavaScript and Node.

If in the end this isn’t the right choice, well I will just redo it as a brand new revision, the experience itself will be the main reason I’m doing it.  At some point if I could make money off of it, it would be wonderful, but oh well I am not in it for the money.  Well tonight once I’m beginning to relax more I will focus on doing a few more FreeCodeCamp lessons.  I’m semi delaying some of them, but I know I shouldn’t.  I need to get over the hump of being afraid of what others think and take their opinions and work toward a better project.


I keep having people ask me why I’d do my project in Node. Thankfully I tell them it hasn’t officially been done in node or anything for that matter.  I’ve been doing some testing with NodeJS and Python, and it’s really hard to pick one of these.  I don’t know how well a non-blocking language will do for an ERP/core system like I want to create.  I feel that it may actually make my life harder by not blocking what people are doing.  I’ve also been told that MySQL/MariaSQL will be good choices instead of MongoDB.  I’d like to do something that is a little bit of both databases, but don’t know how well that will do.

Now some pros and cons, Python3 has more of a job market at this point, even though JavaScript is still big.  I feel JavaScript jobs that I find are mainly front end and not server side.  Python is nice because it’s pure object oriented, but I really haven’t learned any of it, and really trying to figure out where to learn it.  JavaScript I have an easy time learning due to places like Free Code Camp.

Mainly need to figure out what will be a good language for creating a portal style web application that allows me to make a plug-in system.  So at this point it’s between Python( my work will most likely be using, and jobs are out there) and JavaScript ( new thing, yet have mixed feelings around performance in the end).  I know there plenty others out there, like GoLang (Not a huge fan of the syntax/project setup), Java (feels like is slowly dying for the mainstream), C# ( don’t mind syntax, but don’t like that it’s Microsoft), and even PHP ( not huge fan of syntax, but know a huge market, yet have WordPress to compete against).

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein

Well now…

So now that school is officially done, at least for the next month, it will be some programming time.  I’ve been trying to learn passport and also debating if MongoDB or MySQL will work the best for this project.  I’d like to be able to have something that either is able to be used, but that’s a little bit beyond my initial knowledge.  It is more like one of those, nice to have features, but not needed to be there initially.  I’d write some more tonight, but it’s been a long busy weekend with Easter that I need some rest for work.  Hopefully find out this week what my work wants to do for our next project.

One last thought, one of the streamers I watch has an CRM system, but it does so much more, all in Free Pascal.  He recently got hacked and had some huge issues with tons of data being deleted, not because of his system, but because they got into his MySQL.  So a big portion of what I’d like to focus on is being as secure as possible, I’ve always wanted to work on security for programming, but that is another long term goal.

News news news

Well things are finally coming to an end for these two classes, and I couldn’t be happier.  This has been one stressful couple classes, but I am so happy they are about over and only down to four more classes.  My company is having a meeting on April 1st, yes April Fools, and part of that is planning and figuring out what we are going to do for our testing suite.  Biggest problem being that no one working on it has really worked on a major project yet, so it will be interesting.  We have been doing some discussion about languages and what not, but no one seems to be in fully set on any.  I know a couple people are set on Python, which deep down I keep running back to seeing it’s clean and I love OOP.  JavaScript is another great choice personally due to many people knowing it.  Oh well we will see.  Now to think if Python is easier for the project at hand for me, to make a login system, with a dashboard that can allow plug-ins.  Too many decisions on what I should do.  At least I haven’t started to program yet.

Quick update

So been working hard to get all the assignments done that are due, totally draining me from really doing much for programming.  I’ve been looking at using typescript.  Would be a slight more learning vs just doing pure JavaScript, but it seems to give me a nice amount of both, create something almost Java like but in JavaScript.

Work has been super busy and looks like I will be one of the main people working on what will be the next update to our testing suite, biggest problem some of us are seeing right now, we need an architect for the project.  Makes me think of learning the steps to architect the project I’m working on.  Yes I do know some I have already got started, with using mind mapping, but need to really get some more notes down of what I want to do.

Read a very interesting article about a programmer that is stopping TDD just because it seems to be a box to force you to not really allow you to program to the fullest.  Yes tests are good but in moderation.  Well back to homework, at least after getting some sleep.